Curriculum Vitae

Among the instruments I play are...

saxophones, didgeridoo, clarinet, santoor, bansuri flutes, asian flutes and reeds, scottish bagpipes and flutes, hand percussion, congas, chromatic harmonica, melodica, keyboards, thai violin

Phil DrummyBorn in 1968 in Melbourne, Australia
Commences studies age 10 of saxophone and flute, voice.
Performs from the age of 13 in music halls, clubs and dances.
Studies composition and improvisation Victorian College of the Arts. During this period has frequent contact with aboriginal musicians from northern Australia, learning the art of didgeridoo construction and studying traditional music styles.
Participates in numerous concert tours throughout Australia and Asia with own group Kyaka Sun and Australian/USA artists James Morrison, Paul Grabowski, Blood Sweat and Tears, Randy Crawford, David Lee Roth, Steve Vai, Virgil Donati, Afrodisia and supports to Dizzy Gillespie's big band tour of Australia.

Travels, performs and studies intensively throughout europe, Australia and Asia holding workshops for wind instruments in Germany, the UK and Spain. Based in Scotland, performs in major festivals with own group Kayaka Sun (Fish and Cycle Records 1991) through Europe. Founder of "Heartland" comprising australian indigenous performer Ngooran and records "Songhouse" (EM Records, 1999) Performances with Barama, Rrurrambu Burarrawanga (Yothu Yindi) in North Australia. Opens the International Film Festival Rome, 1998. Records and performs in Italy with Italian artists PFM (tour 1998, CD "PFMPFM il Best") and Antonella Ruggiero (CD "Sospesa") who collaborates on Sting's 1996 Mercury Falling tour playing reeds and percussion. Holds stages at CDM Rovereto and CPM Milan. Performs with Eugenio Finardi.
Forms Australian group "SongLine" in 1998 with Grifsas and Rrurrambu Burarrawanga, Wirrapunda and other indigenous australian musicians and records "Desert Rainbow" (Tropical Music, Germany, 2001).

Holds solo concerts for didgeridoo through europe and Asia, workshops for wind instruments and courses. Lives and works between Italy and Australia. Tours with Antonella Ruggiero (wind-instruments and percussion/Quattro passi per Broadway). Records all percussion and reeds on Morgan's solo album 2003 ("Canzoni dell'appartamento"). Collaborates on many european and australian film scores and documentaries both as composer and studio musician. Records with master drummers Mademba Diao and Mor Sylla from Senegal. Works with various Aboriginal Communities in central Australia, encouraging emerging talent in indigenous culture through the release of internationally distributed Cds. Travels extensively in asia, studies santoor and saw-ou (Thai violin). Anna Oxa tour 2003 and tour with Fabio Concato and Anna Oxa "ViceVersa Tour" 2004.

2005 Summer tour with Anna Oxa. Composes and produces Oxa's sanremo piece with Pasquale Pannella and her 2006 CD "La musica non è niente se tu non hai vissuto". Tour with Cesare Cremonini and the London Telefilharmonic in winter. Concerts with Mark Harris (USA). Performs for the Fabrizio De Andre tribute live from the Cagliari amphitheatre on Rai1 with artists including Massimo Ranieri, Sergio Cammariere, Dolcenera, Le Balentas, Elena Ledda, Antonella Ruggiero. Studio sessions with Lucio Dalla.

Phil playing with Trilok Gurtu Band

2005 UK concerts with Trilok Gurtu. Records on Ron's 2006 CD and Sanremo piece "Uomo delle stelle". Records on Ron's CD "Ma quando dici amore" with artists Phil Palmer, Raf, Samuele Bersani, Lucio Dalla, Anggun, Claudio Baglioni etc.

In 2005/2006 european concerts with the Trilok Gurtu Band (Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, France). Cesare Cremonini's 2006 summer tour.
Holds percussion and wind instrument classes in Milan, Lugano and Centro Lifework Ispra.

2006 DVD and CD live with Cesare Cremonini. Performs with Indian pop diva Shweta Shetty and leading bollywood film score percussionist Nitin Shankar with Trilok Gurtu.

2007 member of Trilok Gurtu's Band with concerts in all of Europe.

2008 concerts with Jan Garbarek and Trilok Gurtu Band.

2009 concert in Oman with Shankar Mahedevan (vocalist "Remembering Shakti" and more) and Gurtu Band. Records woodwinds, duduk, santoor, didjeridoo, harmonica, kaval, khaen, bansuri and more on the 2009 Trilok Gurtu release "Massical", with Jan Garbarek, Kai Eckhardt, Nitin Shankar, Indian bollywood rising star Kalpana and other prominent musicians.

2009 December concert in London with components of the London Symphony Orchestra, Jan Garbarek and Trilok Gurtu, and european tour with the Trilok Gurtu Band.

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