"Sounds from around the world"

presented by PHIL DRUMMY

A unique opportunity for adults, students and children of all ages to listen to and experiment with a myriad of musical instruments from all around the world.
In the hands of Phil Drummy, internationally acclaimed musician, composer and teacher who has performed and recorded with some of the best around, the folk and traditional instruments are brought to life. Imaginations and curiosity will be evoked by such an array of fantastic forms and constructions before their eyes, and even more so when they hear the huge diversity of sounds that can flow through them.

This is a rare chance for students of all ages to listen to and also see authentic audio/visual material where the instruments can be heard in their traditional setting. To see old (and in some cases ancient) folk instruments alongside their modern-day relatives gives the participants a clear picture of how our contempory musical instruments have evolved, and Phil also provides intriguing and humorous facts on the instruments. origins and materials used in their construction.

For children up to 6 years of age, the 1 hour session condenses all aspects mentioned above, obviously in a less technical and more playful format, while for older children or adults, the listening and watching session is usually followed up by a hands-on practical workshop the next day, or one of the more intensive workshops listed below.

All involved will be left with the curiosity to discover for themselves the fascinating world of sound and a deepened understanding of how musical languages and traditions evolve and infiltrate into even the most remote and seemingly unrelated cultures. Through music, the students receive a valuable and memorable anthropological study in a most enjoyable way. The direct communication from musician to student in this event,and through a great diversity of sounds, is a key to inspiring ears and hearts to embark on an exciting and personal musical journey.

The study of world rhythms alone enhances concentration, improves motor skills and co-ordination, is accessible to students of all ages and abilities, and most of all is exciting and engaging for participants.
All drums and instruments are provided for one-off workshops, after-hours ensembles and individual tuition.

In addition to the above, Phil can visit your school and facilitate courses structured specifically to meet the needs of your students, through the following programs:

  • Specialised 5/8 week or 1 term long ensemble courses (recorder, woodwinds, world percussion and instruments) held during school hours for interested students finalised in a performance at a school concert or event.
  • Out-of-school-hours programs for groups and/or individuals.
  • Interactive workshops for classes and large groups.
  • Special solo performances.

Just some of the instruments demonstrated are...


Scottish Borderpipes, Highland Bagpipes and irish/scottish whistles, Indian bansuri flutes, Indonesian suling flutes, japanese shakuhachi, Chromatic and diatonic mouth harmonicas, South american panflutes and flutes, Saxophones, Classical flute, Clarinet, Yidaki (didjeridoo), Thai Kaen and flutes, African horns, Melodica, Hungarian and east-european flutes, Ocarinas, Armenian duduk.


Thai saw-u/violin, Indian santoor, Bul-bul tarang, Zither, Kora


Numerous drums of indian, African, middle-eastern and various origins Including djembe, daf, talking drum, bendir, cajon, darbuka, Shakers, gourds, bells, gongs and chimes, Indigenous australian bullroarer, Percussion from latin american origin, Udu clay-pot drum.



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