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Ages 3-5 Childrens Music Discovery Classes

The program for 3-5 year olds presents many of the essential components of music making to the children in a spontaneous and playful way.

Traditional folks musics from around the globe hold valuable lessons in both rhythmic and melodic construction, and it is little wonder that so many of the great composers of both past and present eras have sought inspiration in their beauty.
Children will have an opportunity to listen live to and experiment themselves a vast number of traditional folk instruments of diverse origin and category.

They will learn simple rhythm accompaniments and sing melodies in traditional language.
In many cultures, folk dance had an influential effect on the very music it appeared to accompany, and the participants will also enjoy learning some basic dances from different parts of the world, which are an important key to understanding rhythmic structures and forms in many folk musics.

The intent is surely one of pure enjoyment and discovery, but the program is also designed to open young ears to a wide spectrum of sound and to demonstrate the connection between nature and music. This becomes immediately evident when the children observe many of the folk instruments present and note that they are constructed from naturally occurring materials.
A further objective of these sessions is to stimulate the childs creativity through the discovery of his or her own innate rhythmic and melodic sense, by imitation and spontaneous invention.

Age 6-adult Music Discovery Classes

This program incorporates many of the elements present in the 3-5 year old program, but differs in complexity of content and some of the instruments used to play the repertoire.
Participants of this group will be able to grasp concepts through reasoning and counting, instead of the process being largely intuitive and instinctive.

Melodic language nuances can be explained in detail, often in musical terms, and attention will be given to rhythmic structure and patterns.
The fascinating link between folk musics, language, nomadic cultures and geography/landscape will be explored.


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