Workshop in wind instruments, percussion and strings

Phil Drummy

This stage is not only of value to music students who are already pursuing an instrument-tuition program and who want to broaden their musical horizons and knowledge, but also to the curious non-musician -adults and children alike- who have an interest in the vast music and cultural differences of our planet.

I have lived and worked in all continents and have a large collection of instruments, both of ethnic origin and their more recent and classical "ancestors", and most of these are on display and played by me during the stage. Interesting descriptions relating to construction, use and playing technique are given.

Instruments from the percussion family, to wind and strings are included, and for many it will be a first time to see and hear them, some of them being rare and unique.
To list only a few of the instruments presented, flutes, horns, bagpipes, didgeridoos, santoor, indian banjo, thai violin, saxophones, and hand drums and percussion from a great variety of cultures.

Phil Drymmy playing the flute

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