Instruments names

bamboo chamber flutebamboo flutesbansuribasin drumbilma clapsticksbolivian wood flute
bolonborder pipesbulbultarangcajonchromatic harmonicacircle fluteclarinetclassical flute
congascurved soprano saxdafdarbukadidgeridoodjembeduduk from armenia
indian double chamber flutekaenkalimba mbirakavalkoralauneddasmelodicamezoued
ocarinaorganpipesovertone flutepanfluterecordersantoorsaw.uscottish tin whistles
straight soprano saxsuling indonesian flutestalking drumtambourinetenor saxophone
udu drumzither

Zither (Central Europe, China)

Zither - one of the most ancient instruments of the world (it is mentioned also in the Old Testament). It is a box of wood on which they are fixed the strings. The box can have different forms and dimensions. The sound of zither is similar to that of the harp.Also the technique of playing can be similar. They exist some particular types of this instrument, for example with a fingerboard (similar to that of the guitar) or such which is being played with the bow ("fidola").


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