Instruments names

bamboo chamber flutebamboo flutesbansuribasin drumbilma clapsticksbolivian wood flute
bolonborder pipesbulbultarangcajonchromatic harmonicacircle fluteclarinetclassical flute
congascurved soprano saxdafdarbukadidgeridoodjembeduduk from armenia
indian double chamber flutekaenkalimba mbirakavalkoralauneddasmelodicamezoued
ocarinaorganpipesovertone flutepanfluterecordersantoorsaw.uscottish tin whistles
straight soprano saxsuling indonesian flutestalking drumtambourinetenor saxophone
udu drumzither

Overtone flute

a flute without finger holes, based on the natural harmonic scale, that you reach when you blow it at different strengths. In that way, it is very easy to get started with, and it offers small melodies almost by itself, if you let it sound.
The flute has two scales. You get one scale when you blow it with the lower end open, and another when you totally cover the lower end with your hand. When you combine these two scales, you get around 10 different tones to use playing. What you do is that you alternately open and close the lower end while you play. And you can get still further effects when you half-cover the same end, which lowers the "open" tones somewhat. After a little practicing you can play a very varied music.

Overtone Flute

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