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bamboo chamber flutebamboo flutesbansuribasin drumbilma clapsticksbolivian wood flute
bolonborder pipesbulbultarangcajonchromatic harmonicacircle fluteclarinetclassical flute
congascurved soprano saxdafdarbukadidgeridoodjembeduduk from armenia
indian double chamber flutekaenkalimba mbirakavalkoralauneddasmelodicamezoued
ocarinaorganpipesovertone flutepanfluterecordersantoorsaw.uscottish tin whistles
straight soprano saxsuling indonesian flutestalking drumtambourinetenor saxophone
udu drumzither

Mezoued (Tunisia)

The mezoued is a wind instrument. It is a sort of cornemuse or bagpipe used to play folk music. It is usually accompanied by the following membranophones: the bendré or bendir, the tabl and the darbuka. The mezoued is made in two parts: a double chanter made of reed attached to two calf horn bells with two single reeds. Each chanter or tube has five finger holes and these three pieces comprise the kaffa which produces the sound. The kaffa is attached to an air bag made of kid skin. The air bag stores the air, making it easier to play various notes. The musician presses the bag with his arm, permitting him to breath and still produce a continuous sound.


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