Instruments names

bamboo chamber flutebamboo flutesbansuribasin drumbilma clapsticksbolivian wood flute
bolonborder pipesbulbultarangcajonchromatic harmonicacircle fluteclarinetclassical flute
congascurved soprano saxdafdarbukadidgeridoodjembeduduk from armenia
indian double chamber flutekaenkalimba mbirakavalkoralauneddasmelodicamezoued
ocarinaorganpipesovertone flutepanfluterecordersantoorsaw.uscottish tin whistles
straight soprano saxsuling indonesian flutestalking drumtambourinetenor saxophone
udu drumzither

Cajon (Latin America)

The cajón, also known as the "caja" (KA-ha), originated in coastal Peru either as an invention of african slaves or Roma. West Africans particularly Angolans sold into slavery in Peru and Cuba substituted wooden shipping crates for their native drums. In port cities like Matanzas, Cuba they used cod-fish shipping crates. Elsewhere, small dresser drawers became instruments. The boxes not only resonated like a drum but could also be disguised as a seat or stool. The instrument became an important part of Peruvian music and Cuban music.


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