Instruments names

bamboo chamber flutebamboo flutesbansuribasin drumbilma clapsticksbolivian wood flute
bolonborder pipesbulbultarangcajonchromatic harmonicacircle fluteclarinetclassical flute
congascurved soprano saxdafdarbukadidgeridoodjembeduduk from armenia
indian double chamber flutekaenkalimba mbirakavalkoralauneddasmelodicamezoued
ocarinaorganpipesovertone flutepanfluterecordersantoorsaw.uscottish tin whistles
straight soprano saxsuling indonesian flutestalking drumtambourinetenor saxophone
udu drumzither

Bulbultarang (India)

Some of these come with piano style keys and others come with typewriter type keys. It is not in any way a classical instrument but it is a great deal of fun when it comes to playing folk, or filmi melodies. The closest Western instrument I can have you relate to is a dulcimer but where you stop the string with your fingers on a fret in this instrument there is a mechanical contraption that does the same job.


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