Concert for didgeridoo and percussion

Phil Drummy: didgeridoo, hand drums and percussion, flutes and ethnic wind instruments

Arup Kanti Das: tabla, dholak, darbuka, percussion, frame drums, voice

This concert for didgeridoo and percussion, performed by the australian multi-instrumentalist Phil Drummy and Indian tabla master Arup Kanti-Das, provides a unique opportunity to hear the musical languages of Australia's most widely recognized instrument together with the rich percussive traditions and styles of India and Asia.

Every region in Australia possesses its own musical form and hence the sounds, rhythms and accompaniment of the didgeridoo (known as the "yidaki" to the Yolngu people of north-east Arnhem Land) vary accordingly. During the course of the performance it's in fact possible to hear these subtle and sometimes dramatic stylistic differences, coupled with a rich interplay between the two musicians.

Phil Drummy and Arup Kanti Das

This concert provides an insight to this fascinating and dynamic sound-scape by an australian multi-instrumentalist who vants collaborations with internationally acclaimed artists such as Randy Crawford, Trilok Gurtu, Blood Sweat and Tears, Sting, PFM, David Lee Roth, Antonella Ruggiero,and Italian artists such as Fabio Concato, Anna Oxa, Raf, Ron and then many of Australia's most prominent indigenous musicians.
Drummy incorporates many of the less-known and heard traditional australian instruments in the performance with numerous percussive
instruments from all around the world - both traditional and non.

Kanti Das fuels an already vibrant rhythmic base and the sounds and rhythms created by him are an example of the power and subtlety of a superb musical accompaniment- and protagonist at the same time. This is no doubt fruit of years of experience on stage with some of India's greatest singers and musicians, and his more recent collaboration with some of Italy's and europe's finest performers,both live and in the recording studio. His talents extend beyond his hands and he is blessed with a fine voice capable of captivating an audience with his command of indian raga and classical inflections.

Phil Drummy and Arup Kanti Das

Combined with the tasteful and sparse use of contempory technology, the result is an intrigueing musical style; the creation of warm and earthy layers of sound and the spontaneous formation of subtle and curious rhythmic patterns.

The concert programme moves through moments of hypnotic and haunting atmospheres to infectious and age-less dance rhythms, taking the listener on an unforgettable musical journey to experience the hidden spirit of these two worlds.

Phil Drummy and Arup Kanti Das

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