Intensive 1-2 Day workshop for didgeridoo

Teacher: Phil Drummy (Australia)

The aim of the workshop is to familiarize participants with the instrument in all aspects. This entails not only the study of the basic and advanced rudiments necessary to produce a characteristic sound, but also attention to the various musical languages and traditional styles and roles of the "Yidaki". The technicalities of mastering the instrument are linked to its cultural identity, and a minimal understanding of the Yidaki's origin and contempory roles in indigenous Australia is important.

Participants at any level of playing are welcome; the workshop will be presented in such a way as to encompass the different capabilities of those present, covering aspects that relate to the initial approach to the instrument, to the complexities of advanced breathing techniques and sound production.

The workshop will make use of both audio and video extracts to facilitate learning. Among issues covered is a detailed look at sound production and its' manipulation, rhythmic control, breath techniques up to and beyond that of the circular breath, reproduction and learning of selected repertoire and musical extracts, musical style and form- both traditional and contempory, accompaniment, clapstick use, practice routine, playing with others and performance hints.

Participants are advised to dress comfortably and to bring a cushion if required and their instrument. Instruments will be provided for those without, and the purchase of quality instruments, bilma clapsticks and other musical "australiana" is also possible.

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