Didgeridoo course for advanced pupils

Course 2

This course will take a good look at the more complex rhythms and sounds, and breathing techniques used to play the Yidaki.

Careful consideration is given to sound production and control, and its role in creating a myriad of nuances and effects.

Many traditional rhythms as well as discovering the various musical languages present throughout Australia of the Yidaki, is a focal point of the course.

An in-depth look at the actual role of the Yidaki in western music will be given as well as the instrument's infiltration into many styles of music today.

Also dealt with is its more technical aspect which relates to recording, concert performance, and thus the aim of supplying the student with the basic necessary tools to work professionally with the instrument and to be aware of some simple rules when playing with other musicians.

This makes the course interesting for those who have already a good playing foundation and solid technique.

As a natural extension to all of this, those students wishing to participate and audition for the new 100% didge theatre show, a group of semi-professional Yidaki players rehearsing to exhibit regularly for concerts and theatrical performances are welcome to write to me for information.

Per informazioni: info@phildrummy.com